Essay The Effects Of Minimum Wage Laws On The United States

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In the United States, the average minimum wage pay is seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour. A family of four could not even live happily knowing they are only making a little less than thirty thousand a year together before taxes are taken out. A single independent person can live a happy average life while getting paid minimum wage and still purchase little things here and there for their satisfaction. In 1938, two years after President Roosevelt was elected into office, he signed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Each state has different minimum wage depending either on their population or on the occupation.
History on minimum wage laws Minimum wage laws appeared in the early nineteen hundreds, when a law was passed to set a minimum wage boundary for women and children who worked, but minimum wage laws were not really introduced until in 1938 when President Roosevelt took office because he had the support of the people who wanted minimum wage and minimum was a big concern to his election. Many people have different opinions on minimum wage such as it is to low or it is too high, but President Roosevelt promised that the minimum wage was to start at twenty five cents an hour and it will help them with their daily lives and medical insurance. Just depends on the occupation. All of the states have different minimum wages all thanks to President Bill Clinton who told the legislative branch in 1996 that the states should have different minimum wages rates and he…

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