The Effects Of Microbial Diversity On The Earth Essay

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When we think about ice, snow or rain falling from the sky, we imagine some perfect beautiful crystals made of water molecules. Scientist had discovered that those crystals originate because some dust particle, helped with the wind, goes to clouds and then water surround it. Because high in the atmosphere the temperatures are so low, those water molecules freeze giving a structure called ice crystals.
Now we know that precipitation from the sky are much more that simple dust and water. They contain living organisms like bacteria. This mixture of different inorganic compounds and living beings is called bio precipitation. Scientist who was first one to propose this term is David Sands from Montana State University. 1
Explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple. Bacteria develop their normal life cycle in the surface of some plant for example. Those colonies can be raised up very high in our atmosphere by the wind. Once there, water surrounds bacteria and freeze so now bacteria represent nuclei of ice particle.
Microbial diversity is huge having microbes living in extreme conditions all over our planet. It is not so surprising the fact of presence of microbes capable to survive even in the troposphere. There were some attempts to estimate the number and classification of viable cells found in clouds. The estimations can vary depending the zone, time and conditions where investigation occurred.
One interesting project was made by Natasa DeLeon Rodriguez in cooperation…

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