The Effects Of Methamphetamine And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

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Impact of Meth

Many years ago on the battlefield soldiers used it to be more proactive and awake. For the last couple of decades this substance has wreaked havoc through the communities. It’s caused people to lose jobs, houses, cars, and their families. It seduces you with its charm; it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Once hooked, you become its slave. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug. People were able to get it as a prescription for weight loss and depression. Once they began to see that it had habit forming properties, the pharmaceutical company’s put a restriction on it, therefore, leading people into the black market of methamphetamine use and abuse. It gives the user a high of one like cocaine, but lasts for eight to ten hours more. Over a period of time a person’s tolerance grows and the euphoria that they receive lessens. They become irritable and discontent. Hence, sending them on a mission set out to find that first high. Little do they know they are searching for something they can’t find? Meth is made up of several different ingredients, with the main one being pseudoephedrine. There are many different names that this so called wonder drug goes by. It’s been referred to as Ice, Crystal, Speed, and Crank. In the early years motorcycle clubs used to hide it in the crankshaft of their motorcycle’s, hence, giving it the name crank. There are many different ways to consume meth. A person can swallow it, snort it, smoke it, and inject…

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