The Effects Of Metal Music On Teenagers And The Media Essay

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Many famous people, specifically musicians, are often negatively portrayed by their peers and the media. Due to this, many parents and guardians believe that listening to metal music leads adolescents into a world of drugs, mental illness, and even suicide. However, experts have shown that listening to this stimuli, actually does not lead to bad behavior, and can even have positive effects. Metal music has been put down since the start, but it culminated in 1985 when D. Snider of Twisted Sister, was taken to court over a list of bands that parents in a group called PMRC had conducted known as the “filthy fifteen”, in which they listed bands and singers they thought invoked violence and sexual interpretations within their songs. This list included music from bands such as: Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Mercyful Fate, Twisted Sister, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath. The parents of this committee aimed to take down these bands and put a stop to the “porn rock” they were producing. And it was D.Snider who stepped in to give his testimony to the United States Senate Committee (Grow, 2015). Snider, alongside Frank Zappa and John Denver, was able to give his testimony.
He was “..a sober family man who could spar the senators, speak to responsible parenting and defend his lyrics against the PMRC’s surreal interpretation.” (Grow, 2015). Snider and his two fellow musicians blew the court away by stating the meaning of these “evil” lyrics and referring to a misinterpretation of one of his…

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