The Effects Of Mental Disorders On Minority Women Essay

1498 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
In the male-dominated society, men are allowed the privilege of having their mental disorders acknowledged and respected. This sometimes occurs even without the man himself recognizing his mental disorders. Take Tony Stark from Iron Man 3 as an example, he faces anxiety disorders and suffers from panic attacks. When this film was released, it was met with praise and only a few criticisms, but above all, it was taken seriously. Switch out the pretentious billionaire arms dealer for sexism and an imprisoned black woman with a mental disorder, and you are presented with Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren. Where Mr. Stark’s panic attacks are no laughing matter, in the first seasons of Orange is The New Black, Ms. Warren, and her mental disorders are the punchline. Whether it is on television shows, news stories, film, or everyday life, the impact of mental disorders on minority women is never taken as seriously as it should be. Instead of treating a minority woman’s mental illnesses like one would that of the dominant white man, they are typically treated like Suzanne: a joke. Decades of mocking a woman’s mental illnesses strike society as sexist and racist towards minority women with mental disorders, which causes younger girls to associate mental illnesses with a negative connotation. This negative connotation only damages younger and older women’s minds and holds them back from wanting to get help for their mental disorders. The mistreatment of minority women’s mental disorders…

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