The Effects Of Medication And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Together

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To further study the effects of medication and Cognitive behavioral therapy together, I conducted an intense experiment where these two methods were being compared. In this experiment, I would need participants who labeled themselves as having anxiety, whether it be minor or severe. To select the participants, I created a survey that listed information such as demographics and the opinions of their mental health issue. The survey consisted of 15 questions, the first 5 being information such as their race and age. The last 10 questions consisted of their opinions of the mental disorder, and how their daily life has been affected by it. First, I gathered participants who were between the ages of 18 and 30. I chose this age because these are the ages that are able to provide for themselves, and sustain treatment at a better rate and for a longer period of time. Between 150 participants, 39 were Caucasian while the other 47 were African American. The last 64 members identified themselves as being Hispanic or any other race.
I chose to use a diverse population because of the role that genetics play in different races. Although the participants were of different age and race, the geographic location stayed the same. I wanted the participants to have something in common because this is the control variable of the experiment. The surveys revealed that many of the participants thought that their anxiety was minor. They did not correlate the anxiety disorder with any hindrance of…

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