The Effects Of Media Violence On Society Essay

1412 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
Violence in media has endangered our society, which the government should take action for because it concerns the many psychological effects that it has over children and the overall effect that this content has over society, which are very delicate subjects. Many have worried over the health of children and the overall violence in society because of violent content in the media. A lot of people have argued that violence in the media causes many children to become aggressive and violent. On the other hand, many other argue that this content has no effect over society at all. Although some may argue that the government should restrict media to remove violent content because violence in media is harmless, does not have any negative effect on society, and is a distraction for other large potential causes of youth violence. However, the truth of the matter is that the government should make a concentrated effort to restrict violent content from the media because it causes children who view them to be more aggressive in behavior, taints the innocence of children and teenagers, long-term exposure to violent content, especially in video games, will lead to lowered empathy and decreased kindness, and violent video games are used to train soldiers to kill, so it may a have similar or stronger effect on children and adolescents who view and play this content.
One reason the government should restrict content to remove violence from the media is because it causes children and…

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