Essay on The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Effects of Media Violence On Children After the Newtown shooting it was reported that the shooter spent vast amount of time playing violent videogames, could some of the recent violent tragedies be a result of overexposure to violence during adolescence? There has been a long disputed issue on whether violence, that is so prevalent in the media, is having effects on children. While it is farfetched to assume that exposure to violent movies creates serial killers, there have been studies that point to correlation between violent media and aggression. The author of this paper will be discussing: How adults generally view the issue of children being exposed to violent media, effects of violence on children, and limiting exposure to violence.
How Adults Generally View the Issue of Children Being Exposed to Violent Media In this day and age so much information is just a click away. Most houses have televisions, computers, video game stations, and many other forms of media to the point where it is everywhere. This can be problematic as it easy for children to access anything so it is, so to the parent to try to determine what is age appropriate. The beliefs on whether media has an effect on children will likely influence how strict they are with regulating what their child sees. In an experiment conducted by Cruz, Bushman, and Gollwitzer, many adults consisting of average parents, pediatricians, psychologists and other occupations that revolve around child care were given…

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