The Effects Of Media Violence On Children Essay

1075 Words Oct 13th, 2015 null Page
Violence in Television and Other Media It may be that violence is everywhere in today 's world. Certainly, it is promoted in today 's television and other media. Not to mention, this violence has an exponentially negative effect on society. Children, teens, and young adults are being driven to be more aggressive by the violence, as well as the profanity, they witness when watching TV or browsing the internet. It may seem unnoticeable to some, but violence on screens is what is training the young brains of today 's society to fear the world around them. Therefore, they are more likely to react to problems in their lives with violence. The children, teens, and young adults of today are exposed to more violence than ever before. This is not a good thing. Research on this critical topic has been undergoing for a long time and has uncovered some truth. Concern about the harmful influence of media violence on children dates back to the 1950s and remains strong today. The validity of that concern is confirmed by wide-ranging scientific research that has accumulated over the past forty years. Indeed, in reviewing the evidence regarding the impact of media violence, the conclusion is that exposure to simulated violence poses a risk of harmful effects on children has been reached. The statistical relationship between children’s exposure to simulated violence and the children 's aggressive behavior has been shown to be stronger than the relationship between asbestos exposure and the…

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