The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Register to read the introduction… "The violence ranged from Chicago, where a man was fatally shot, to a theater in Alabama, where three teens were shot in a gang fight. (Miller 61) The majority of research done on television focuses on the viewing of violence and how it causes aggressive behavior in the people who view it. ( Many studies, including one published by the National Television Study have found, the more and longer children are exposed to media violence the greater the risk they will become aggressive adolescents or adults. ( /masscomm /cartoon/http 1) A teenage boy, who was interviewed said, "It can fuel violence … for kinds who already have a tendency to do it." (Miller 66) As a result the children may respond violently to some situations; "Psycologists believe that heavy exposure to televised violence is one of the causes of aggressive behavior, crime and violent affects youngster of all ages, of both genders at all socioeconomic levels … it can not be denied or explained away." (Miller 65) Children who view large amounts of violence on television are likely to become desensitized to all kinds of violence - televised or …show more content…
(Miller 65) "To say that we are not influenced by what we see is simply not true." (Miller 57) All of the information provided above proves that violence in the media has detrimental effects on children. Children who watch violence in the media are more aggressive and violent and commit more violent crimes. Through desensitizing they have lost their compassion for people who are hurt by violent crimes and therefore feel that it's ok to hurt people. The media has sent this message that using violence is an acceptable way of solving problems. This has showed that media violence can have nothing but a negative effect on children. "Our values, the principles by which we conduct our lives, are determined by all the things that influences us as we are growing up." (Miller 56) " The main point is, television is a teacher-either by design of default." (Miller 65) Children and teenagers are affected by all of the things they see in the

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