The Effects Of Media On The Way People Think And Act Towards Others

763 Words Jul 25th, 2016 4 Pages
When researching different advertisements, it was very alarming to see these ads actually be aired or displayed for all to see. Media has a big influence on the way people think and act towards others. The media have potential to change racial segregation and inequality. Therefore, it is very important for people, companies, and advertisement agencies to really integrate and makes sure what they are putting out is racially and politically correct. First, it was appalling to see the many signs and billboards displayed in Harrison Arkansas, especially a welcome to Harrison billboard with an all white family advertising their beautiful people and no bad neighborhoods. Second, a KFC commercial that aired in Australia as a cricket survival guide. This ad portrayed one Australian male surrounded by many African-Americans, he states “need a tip in an awkward situation,” this is when he holds up a bucket of chicken and the crowd goes silent because they are now eating the chicken, he then says “too easy.” Last ad, is a mountain dew internet ad that takes violence and abuse lightly as well as, stereotypes black men, making it seem like they are all violent and gang-related.

The first example is of the billboard being displayed in Harrison, AR. The race depicted is an all white family consisting of a dad, mom, and two sons. They are all smiling and look very cheerful. The billboard states “welcome to Harrison, beautiful town, beautiful people, no wrong exits, no bad…

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