The Effects Of Media On The Media Essay

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The media is constantly around us, we are a part of at least one peer group during our lifespan. The media can be a very controversial agency of socialisation, especially social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Whilst the media can be very controversial, the media can be useful in helping the viewer form their beliefs, values, social norms and social roles. The media can come in many forms such as, social networking platforms, magazines and television to name a few. The main use of media is to mass communicate. Peer groups help make who we are as young adults as peer influence on behaviour in time becomes largely dominant (Barbour, Barbour, & Scully 2007). Peer groups typically contain a group of members around the same age, socioeconomic status with the same interests.

Secondary socialisation is a process of learning and understanding what is the appropriate behaviour as a member of a smaller group within a larger society (Boundless 2016). Primary socialisation is a set of normalities and values established through the process of socialisation. This is typically learnt from close family.
As Karl Mark (1975) explains political groups were and still are emerging and introducing their own definite presses and were trying to shape the public opinion in various ways. This has continued to happen through time by trying to shape the public opinion, we are therefore somewhat told what to think and feel about a selected topic or situation. This has…

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