The Effects Of Media On Society 's Society Essay

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The availability of media in today’s society is tremendous. Individuals are bombarded with a considerable amount of media, which has become a primary source of information. However, this constant presence of a continual flow of media, negatively impacts individuals. Furthermore, media can be considered a way of creating misconceptions and stigmas. It tends to distort facts and present a biased view to the audience, creating negative notions about people or things. The media has played a massive role in shaping and perpetuating the stigmas of mental illnesses (Klin & Lemish, 2008). Two popular television shows are, ABC’s Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy. These two dramas have a substantial amount of turmoil that causes the characters to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is the condition in which the exposure of an extremely painful stressor was either experienced, or witnessed causing an intense fear, helplessness, and avoidance (APA, 2013). Although the media presents PTSD symptoms well to viewers and its depiction of the significant distress it causes, it does not stay true to the description of PTSD based on the why and how it forms, along with the shortage of treatment options that are available. This contrast in mainstream representations of PTSD to scholarly journals varies greatly as the misconceptions that are created with the media are put to rest by academic readings.
Marlene King’s breakthrough television series called, Pretty Little Liars is…

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