The Effects Of Media On Social Media Essay

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The Effects of Media
Social media is something that has been around for ages despite what we think. Whether it be the newspaper, the radio, or the television, media has influenced us to think and act a certain way. How does the media do just that though? Media is a powerful influence on almost every aspect of our lives. With social media partaking in people 's lives everyday it specifically affects humans vision of War, global warming controversy, and politics.
War is such a controversial event in a country that concerns every citizen and can be strongly displayed as a falsity among citizens. Along with the falsity of the statements the truth is sometimes lost somewhere in between. As stated by U.S. Senator Hiram Johnson, '"The first casualty when was comes is truth." ' (Shah.) Informational media tends to cloud the true reasons to give us the benefit of of ignorance is bliss. Media once again likes feed us this falsified story of the truth to sway us in our opinions. When countries go to war it is important to know the true reasons our soldiers are fighting. Many stereotypes go around when the media gives us a bad example of the opponent. As Guiboa states "But sadly citizens have increasingly become subjects of the media influence resulting in a potentially dangerous control of public opinion especially in times of war," referring to the brainwashed mentality and control of the public.The media tends to take the publics gullibility and brainwashes them to target a…

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