The Effects Of Media On Skin Whitening Products On The Basis Of Skin

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In today 's scenario where equality is given high significance , there is still inequality and discrimination on the basis of skin color among people. Humans are the ones to spread the messege of justice and they are also the ones to discriminate people on the basis of their skin color. Television, a major source of media is still promoting skin whitening products on a wide range. According to
Leiss et al. (2005) there are immense amount of advertisement on skin whitening products on television and thus the internet. Media is a prominent part of our lives . Our decisions are based on what we listen and see. Television first started in the late 19th and early 20th century . Today , it is the most used source of media and technology. People use it for different source. Some watch television to retrieve information , whereas some only consider it a mere source of entertainment. However in both the cases television has great impact on minds of people in shaping ideas . Objects in the society produced for consumption not only satisfy needs but also serve as makers for self expression .and advertising in particular encourages us to purchase who we are and what we want to be ( Leiss et al. 2005: 4-5, p.40) .With that being said , it is of no doubt , how advertisements influence people 's mind and ideas towards a certain issue. Through representing objects,events and ideas in certain ways , the mass media construct images and encourages certain perceptions of reality(Berrger &…

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