Media Influence On Police Brutality

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Literacy Review
The effect of media on society regarding police brutality on the black race has been a topic and problem in the United States since Martin Luther King in the 1960’s. Patron (2004) states it took years for MLK’s Letter from Birmingham Jail to be read by many, but when it was read society improved discrimination and police brutality. Since the recent years of the 21rst Century police brutality has been a major subject of interest for the media and society has responded in different ways. According to Chaney (2014) the statistical reality of police brutality is that blacks are more victimized than whites. The media has attempted to cover up for the police on acts of brutality, caused society to take action, and caused blacks to be cautious of the racial bias police officers no matter what they are doing.
Media’s coverage of big time news such as police brutality on the black race can be attempted to be covered up to protect the criminal justice system. Why would news stations cover up something as bad as police brutality? The answer is simple and it is politics. The Young Turks (2014) show video coverage of fox news caster Sean Hannity during the Michael Brown case interviewing a Ferguson Committee member near the scene and attempting to convince her on live
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Media has been proven to help promote awareness of police brutality or diminish the cases by blaming the victim and not looking at all of the evidence. Regardless of the negative media society has responded with organizations and non-violent acts. Men and women of the black race still have to go on everyday with caution of their actions within the vicinity of the police. There are cases of police brutality directed towards blacks coming up frequently and with everyone we will see the effect of media on society during that time and how society will respond to these

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