The Effects Of Media On Our World Essay

757 Words Jul 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Media is important to our world because people feel inform. However, people don’t know that they are not full inform about the world they live in. In the movie Network, that was created in 1976, it illustrates a world where TV news became enjoyment formulating a world where unrealistic and realistic are obscure. The Characters in the movie lost touch about themselves because they didn’t separate the fiction and nonfiction of their world which brought consequences, for example, Diana the only thing she thought about and made her happy was ratings, Howard became psychotic because he could not believe what has happening to the world, and Max couldn’t let go about how news was presented in his era. Therefore, the movie network is relevant to our media in 2016 because people who own the media only shows what they want people to see or hear, people who have their own show report non sense, and media is seen as a profit.
People who own the media have the power to manipulate what people can see and can’t see. For example, Walt Disney owns ABC. When the accident of the crocodile that ate the toddler in Orlando, Florida ABC did not mention that the accident happened in Disney world. Therefore, we can see that people who own the media only shows what is convenient to them. Another example, in the movie Network, Diana and other co-workers who are part of the UBS news corporation decided to killed Howard Beale because he was not getting a lot of ratings like he did before. In both…

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