The Effects Of Media On Our Society Today Essay

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Media has a large impact on our society today, which makes the content online tremendously influential to all its viewers. Although advertising is relatively done for a good purpose, the way it has been constructed to degrade women has taken a turn for the worst. This paper will relate the reading “Supersexualize Me! Advertising and ‘the midriffs’” to a major social issue, rape culture. By taking the Brock Turner case and relating it to this article, it will be able to put context into a better perspective. Such as, explaining how media can influence violence towards women.
Women these days are often painted as objects due to what advertisements on television expose. Advertising today consists of women in pornographic poses, taking place in sadomasochism and dressed in bondage attire. Although adverts do not propose violence, any human being portrayed as an object can urge it. This is because with no self-value present, it can make women seem vulnerable to men by suggesting that a man’s value gives them the power to control any situation. Due to this media issue, it ends up resulting in a major social issue throughout our society called rape culture. This is an important issue to focus on because women deserve to be entitled to the justice that every individual is noted. Although publicizing the awareness of rape culture comes with hard work, it is needed to help disrupt this culture of violence.
The author’s main arguments from the article, “Supersexualize Me! Advertising…

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