The Effects Of Media On Children And Teens Essay

1959 Words Oct 24th, 2016 8 Pages
Social media, phone apps, and television are all apart of our daily lives, but do we stop to think about how media may be a big influence on the lives of growing children and maturing teens? Revealed in research, media has effected how children behave and also shows a change in their thought process. Instead of media being seen to create positivity, it has seemed to cause more negative effects on children and teens. As it is more researched, the damaging effects become more evident and reveals the powerful impact it may have on everyone, especially the children and teens if we take a look at our own generation. The negative effects media may have is brainwashing children, causing changed behavior, having a lack of social skills, and the participation in cyberbullying. This research paper will reveal the influence media has on children and teens from our generation with included facts from scholarly articles and references from conducted interviews. There will also be graphs included to show the relevance it has to the factual information presented.

Television Influence on Children

Television can be a useful but somewhat dangerous source of entertainment to children because not many channels restrict explicit language or unacceptable behavior on their shows. For a comparison, “teenagers dedicate their evenings to out-of school activities whereas…children dedicate their time to the TV” (Espinosa 148). Smaller children absorb most of their knowledge from the…

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