The Effects Of Media On Children And Youth Essay

1534 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
People need information and news because of many different reasons, such as supporting for their work or their knowledge. So, media is one of the entertainments that people use popularly to amuse themselves in their busy life. It can be the television, computers using, video games, or social network. Have you ever wondered how media to effect on children and youth when they keep using it regularly? Specially, the number of teenagers uses televisions; video games and other media are increasing all over the world. Even though it helps teenagers get more information and relax when they are tired at school or at home; however, research shows that the influence of mass media on the psychosocial development of children is profound (“Impact of media use on children and youth”). While many people believe that the media helps them socialize and they are going to use it in the right way, but it still has some negative effects on teenagers. There are several different perspectives about mass media that need to discussion. First of all, many people conclude that mass media increases teenager’s awareness. In the development society, the teenagers use the Internet and television very regularly in their life. It might support for their work at school or relax when they are tired. Sometime mass media just like the entertainment for everyone; however, it also helps teenagers improve their knowledge through it. Television can be a powerful teacher (“Impact of media use on children and…

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