The Effects Of Media Influences On Children 's Body Image Essay

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The perception of the “ideal” women’s body image has changed over the centuries, making young men and especially young females more vulnerable to lower levels of self esteem, poor mental health, resulting in increased chances of depression. Media influences play an important role in the personality development, peer pressure, and the development of a sense of identity as children make this transition from adolescence to young adulthood. The issue resulting in lowered self-esteem due to an unsatisfied body image commenced several generations ago, and continues to arise increasing pressure on young females especially, to obtain the “ideal” body.
Over the years, the “perfect” body has evolved from the “Plump” to the “Waif”, due to media and society’s perception on the what an “ideal” body has to be. Through the years up until the 20th century, strong and healthy body images were treated as the “ideal” body. Though, throughout the 20th century the image of the “perfect” body kept changing. From, The Gibson girl who was tall, had a large bust, wide hips and a narrow waist, to the Flapper who had bobbed hair and often showed their ankles and knees, to Mae West in 1930’s. Mae West was not different from the Flappers, though she emphasized her hips and waist by wearing tight fitted clothing. This led up to the “ideal” 1950’s body image, Marilyn Monroe, known for long legs and the hour-glass figure. Being thin and tall had become the trend through the years of 1960’s to 2000’s.…

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