Essay on The Effects Of Marine Pollution On People 's Lives

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The effect that marine pollution has on people’s lives, often goes unnoticed. “Out of sight, out of mind,” is what author Ted Danson said in his book, Oceana. If people knew how their everyday life effected the ocean, they would be appalled. The oceans are dying right in front of people’s eyes, yet they continue to contribute to the ocean’s downfall. Only when you look below the surface, when you really dive deep, do you begin to understand what great peril the oceans are truly in. The oceans are needed now more than ever, but they will not be around much longer if the human race continues to destroy them. “No water, No life. No blue, No green.” – Sylvia Earle. The oceans are dying, and life as we know it is dying right along with it.
"With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you 're connected to the sea" - Sylvia Earle. The connection between land and sea is a beautiful thing that often goes unnoticed. People tend to overlook how vital the oceans are to their very existence. Water, oxygen, food, all of these things necessary for human and animal life on earth, are given to us by the ocean. Water allows the plants to grow, the plants provide food and oxygen for both humans and animals, the trees provide shelter, fresh water quenches our thirst, the ocean helps build homes, and the oceans allow life as a whole to thrive. The oceans are dying and life as a whole is dying right along with it.
Water covers 70% of this earth. God knew the…

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