The Effects Of Mandatory Evacuations On New Orleans Louisiana And The Population African American

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The social problem I will discuss is the lack of mandatory evacuations resources in New Orleans Louisiana and the population African American. Further, discussions for the reason that o Hurricane Katrina people were force to leave the city. Also, how the social problem impacts the African American children and elderly population people in New Orleans that resided in poverty and did not have the mandatory evacuation resources to leave. Lastly, the political idealology is conservative than moderate or liberal and my own experience as an African American single mother of four living in Detroit.
The lacked of mandatory evacuation resources many African Americans was stranded and left to die. No transportation of food and water, medical supplies, hygiene supplies and they did not have a destination to safety. State and federal lack resources to assist the population of African Americans children and elderly that was in destitution. Example; without emergency rescue methods children and the elderly suffered due to no resources. The elderly can’t drive because of illness and mobility problems. Elderly people are statistically more likely than younger people to have difficulty in moving quickly. African American children have no knowledge of where to go and too young to drive themselves as well or find resources for safety. According to the United States Census 2005 population total of people 1,190,615 and 384,320 were Black African American. Children under age 5 was 6.5%…

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