Essay on The Effects Of Maltreatment On Child Maltreatment

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Introduction Maltreatment is harm or threats to harm, a child or young person’s emotional or physical survival. Maltreatment presents itself as emotional, sexual, and physical or neglect. (Child, Youth and Family Fostercare Handbook ,2010) In 2002, there were 15,898 child abuse allegations in the military (Hoshmand & Hoshmand, 2007). Military families face many obstacles such as deployment, which can make a family vulnerable that can lead to maltreatment among family members. Research suggests that about 40% of children in active-duty military families are 5 years old and younger. The main focus of this research will focus on the influence child maltreatment in the frequency within (military service, members families who have children) and the poor outcomes that impact them. The child maltreatment cases with military families are greater than the general population. (Porter, 2013). Families are a constantly affected by many stressors developed from deployment, that lead to domestic violence, and mental health issues which advance into child maltreatment. Child maltreatment within the military community is a growing issue and is impacting the lives of children. With deployment becoming very common in our military familes, there will be a high demand to provide services to military families. Long-term job-induced family separations require family restructuring and adjustments from spouses and children (e.g., Andres & Moelker, 2011; Chandra et al., 2010; Chartrand,…

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