Essay The Effects Of Lsvt Big Therapy On Patients

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Database searches produced four articles that addressed the effects of LSVT BIG therapy on PD patients. A comparison of the studies and their applicability to the PICO question follows.
The articles by Dashtipour et al. (2015), Ebersbach et al. (2010), and Ebersbach et al. (2015) were RCTs with Level Ib evidence and the article by Farley & Koshland, et al. (2005) was a rater blinded non-randomized study with Level IIIa evidence (Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based
Medicine (OCEBM, 2011). The article by Dashtipour et al. (2015) rated 5/10 on the PEDro scale. The reviewed articles were not free from reliability and validity issues due to the small size and lack of power analysis. The article by Ebersbach et al. (2015) demonstrated attrition bias threatening internal validity, with a considerable drop out of eight subjects from an already small sample size of 42. All the participants in these studies were at the early stage of their PD and the impact of the exercise on the symptoms of these patients at the later stages of the disease was not explored in any of these four articles. However, all the four reviewed studies adequately defined the inclusion and exclusion criteria in order to eliminate any chance of selection bias. Common outcome measures used by the reviewed articles were Unified Parkinson’s
Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), timed up-and-go (TUG) and, 6-minute walk test (6MWT).
Dashtipour et al. (2015), used additional outcome measures…

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