The Effects Of Low Income Schools On The United States Essays

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Over the past several decades, a disparity in the achievement of low-income schools and high-income schools has slowly hurt the United States. As someone who experienced life near a neighborhood that featured low-income schools, their situation becomes more understandable. The economically disadvantaged students in low-income schools are frequent victims of an issue that has plagued the United States for many years. In these schools, they are presented with many disadvantages that hurt their futures and wastes taxpayer money. Unless action is taken, this problem will only continue.
Many studies conducted in lower income schools have found that students who attended lower-income schools were generally instructed by less qualified teachers when compared to higher income institutions. Low income were also more likely to have instructors who are uncertified and taught out of their respective subjects.
The dropout rates of lower income schools, when compared to more affluent schools, is staggering. Adolescents who attend low-income schools were up to five times more likely to drop out of their schools.
Test scores have longed been the standard for academic success in schools, but the test scores in most low-income schools have been unsatisfactory, to say the least. For instance, the average test scores in low SES schools in Illinois were calculated to 44.6 percent. This number steadily decreases as the number of low-income attendees rises.
Where the disparity in treatment of…

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