Animal Abuse Pets

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As people age they experience physical, cognitive and socio emotional changes. The elder population tends to become less involved with the community; many isolate themselves and live in depression and loneliness for the rest of their days. About 40% of older adults from ages 65 and older have reported to feel lonely (Hawkly & Cacioppo 2010). On the other hand there are many recued animals in shelters waiting to be adopted by a loving person. Each year the human society of the United States provides care to more than 100,000 animals. These animals have suffered abused from their past owners and had a difficult life, not only suffering from physical abuse, but also from starvation. When this abused animals are put in the care of an elder, the …show more content…
Having a pet in the life of an elder can help improve the moral and self confidence as well as to improve their autonomy. The elder and the pet can create attachment bonds that will serve to maintain a positive relationship among each other. Older people will have someone to look after and will want to live a longer life. Animals will be great companions to elders because they provide unconditional affection, protection, companionship and happiness to their owner. The elders will have the opportunity to take care of the animal by grooming, walking, feeding and talking to them. Another important benefit for elders with a dog is that they will be doing exercise by walking their dogs. Pets are a good way in which the elders can make friends because they will interact with other people that are interested in their animal. Having a special companion with them will bring purpose to their lives that may have lack meaning when they were alone. This program will not only be bringing benefits to the elder population but it will also provide a secure and lovable home to animals. The elder population needs social interaction that can help them increase their social, emotional and

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