The Effects of Laughter to the Stress Coping Mechanism of Teachers in Mindanao State University- General Santos City

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Chapter I THE PROBLEM Introduction It is often said that laughter is the best medicine, and most of the people are applying this principle. People often hear this expression from different kinds of people especially when they are facing problems in their lives. Some are saying that laughter is a smile that has taken on life. Laughter according to Oster (2009) is music of life. He believes that a patient with a well developed sense of humor had a better chance of recovery than a

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Oftentimes, stress is caused by failure to achieve the task they had to perform because they could not focus well. According to Cliff (2002), high stress levels have been linked to depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal problems, impaired immune response and cancer. On the other hand, stress is a good thing for it can energize and motivate a person to deal with challenges. But prolonged or excessive stress- the kind that overwhelms one’s ability to cope- can take a severe psychological and physical sickness too.
Teachers are always experiencing stress because they have been given challenging responsibility to educate and mold young minds to become good citizen. With all these challenges, teachers are prone to anger and burnouts in the workplace. Teachers usually experience stress because of the negative thoughts not only for the students but also with their situation which greatly affect their teaching performance. The ability of teachers efficiently and effectively in their profession is affected to the detriment of their students’ welfare (Briton, 2003). Thus, teachers are often strict and unapproachable because of stress. Some of the teachers that were approachable and easy to be with are observed to be capable of handling.
With those aforesaid concepts on stress, the researcher conducted this study in order to determine the effects of laughter to the stress coping
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