The Effects Of Language On A Child 's Life Essay

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The role of language in a child’s life cannot be underestimated, as language allows children the social and cognitive skills required to develop from an early age (Lal Banga, C 2015). Whether language is seen in books or articles, or heard through a certain Discourse or radio, it is understood by people through their own social and cultural backgrounds (Green, 2006, p. 2). Language can be diverse with different variations of English, including accents, dialects and even social classes which can all contribute to the diversity of language. Although diverse, it can also be standard. Depending on the formality of the situation, it can represent different registers, including academic writing and legal English.
The difference of a context is often referred to as a register. A register is the way a situation can determine the language and meaning (Winch, 2014, p. 18). A register consists of field, tenor and mode and all of which can impact how a child needs an understanding of sufficient language to aid in development. The field refers to the subject or topic, the tenor refers to the people involved and their relationship to one another and the mode refers to the type of language used, this can be written or spoken. Family, culture and community is another factor that contributes to the way a child develops. The social class or cultural background can shape a child’s development with language being molded due to the family and home life circumstances. Further along childhood,…

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