Essay about The Effects Of Labeling People With Mental Illness

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me. Is an old saying people told small children when someone called them names. (Jean). The effects of labeling people with mental illness are detrimental to their self-esteem. “Worldwide more than 70% of young people and adults with mental illness do not receive any mental health treatment” (2013, Henderson). With more than half of the world not seeking mental health treatment may leave one wondering why so many people do not seek help. According to Henderson “factors that increase the likelihood of treatment avoidance, delays to care and discontinuation of service use include (1) lack of knowledge about the features and treatability of mental illness, (2) ignorance about how the access assessment and treatment, (3) prejudice against people who have mental illness, (4) expectations of discrimination against people who have a diagnosis of mental illness” (2013, Henderson). Here Henderson identifies four factors as to why mentally ill people do not seek treatment. Although each factor is a valid reason for a person not to seek help. There is a bigger factor or reason that Henderson does not address or mention. Bathje argues that “stigma is related to treatment avoidance in at least two ways: First, people wish to avoid possibly being publically identified and labeled as ‘mentally ill’ by seeking mental health counseling. Label avoidance is evidenced in efforts to conceal utilization of mental health…

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