The Effects Of Ketamine On People Suffering From Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder

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The national Institute of Health released an article on October 17th, 2014 about a study that had been conducted on the effects of Ketamine on people suffering from treatment resistant bipolar disorder. According to the article the variables they were studying included the independent variable-an infusion of Ketamine or a placebo, and the dependant variable-any resultant mood changes as a result of the infusion. The researchers claim according to the article, is what within the time frame of 40 minutes after patients have been given a single infusion of Ketamine, people who suffer from treatment-resistant bipolar disorder who are currently in the depressed stage, will experience the reversal of one of the key symptoms of the disorder, anhedonia. They also made the claim that this treatment has the potential to last up to 14 days after the infusion in some patients. The researchers backed up with claim by conducting an experiments in which 36 patients in the depressed stage of bipolar disorder were given the drug, or a placebo. The researchers then monitored for any and all changes in the patients moods in relation to depression and anhedonia symptoms. The researchers also made sure to isolate the different types of scores (the one for anhedonia and the one for other depressive symptoms) so that they could discover whether or not Ketamine had the potential to reduce symptoms of anhedonia independent of, and before the symptoms of depression. This article, although brief does…

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