Junk Food And Obesity In The United States

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Junk food is becoming one of the major factors of health problems in the world today. Many people do not pay attention to how dangerous the consumption of junk food is and the effect that the food has on obesity in the United States. The North Ohio Heart Medial Group conducted a recent study that, “fast food restaurants in America serve 50 million customers per day” (Ohio Medical Group, p. 2). The restaurants use their low prices and persuasive advertisements in order to draw more people into their business. What this world needs to realize is how big of a problem obesity is becoming. Fast food restaurants are not the only type of junk food that is causing health problems. There are food products in grocery stores such as candy or snack foods …show more content…
In order for people to maintain a balanced diet, they have to exercise and eat healthy because, “… poor diet and physical inactivity, resulting in an energy imbalance, are the most important factors contributing to the increase in overweight and obesity in the United States” (Michimi and Wimberly, p. 1). There comes a time when freely eating has to come to an end because as people get older, the more increased risk they have of being obese. The Unites States needs more insight concerning the “behind the scenes” of junk food. Most people are not educated enough to know what the food will do to them long-term. Fast food or any type of unhealthy eating products is what leads to obesity and lifelong health problems. Not only is this food bad for people to eat, but it creates a lifestyle and culture that are dangerous. Some people may think they are getting the nutrients they need from certain fast food restaurants, but in all reality, there is nothing nutritious about the items being served. Many parents take their kids through the McDonald’s drive-thru just to satisfy their hunger. However, they need to start worrying about their children’s health for their futures. Obesity in general has increased extremely in today’s society and there needs to be a solution to this worldwide …show more content…
1). To solve the problem of unhealthy eating and people becoming obese from it, there needs to be a solution, such as Corporations making the food healthier and more nutritious, or stopping the business overall. The workers and managers know how unhealthy the food is for their customers, yet they still continue to serve them. Obviously, they are making money and that is the reason being, but long-term, the company’s food will cause health problems for those customers all over the world. Surely no one expects obesity to be an issue for themselves. However, with the way people are so bold about serving/consuming fast food or any type of food that could cause health problems, the risk of obesity is just going to continue to increase. Fast food restaurants need to sort out a way to make their food more nutritious instead of everything being processed. As for other unhealthy treats, stores need to stop the sale of some products that are causing health problems as well. Factors of obesity become a bigger issue every day, whether from snacking around at the house or eating out constantly. To improve this problem, owners of different brands or fast food companies need to decide on how to make their products more nutritious and healthy for the customers. There are essential nutrients that the human body relies on, and to keep an average weight and the risk

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