The Effects Of Internet On The Classroom Essay

1433 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Picture this, you walk into a classroom and all you see is desks lined up in tightly packed rows, a teacher’s desk pushed in the front corner and a bright, green chalkboard. Some kids are falling asleep and others are making paper airplanes. The teacher in the front is lecturing the students on the importance of the French Revolution. I know, this sounds like a classroom from the 18th century, but some people believe that this is how education should be conducted today as well. These people don’t understand the benefits of having technology in the classroom. Computers hold databases with millions of rows of informational data, store primary documents, have videos that explain hard topics and are hosts to thousands of websites to help student get more insights and learnings. The 21st century thrives on technology and without learning how to use it, students will be unable to find jobs in the future. Although some people suggest access to the internet is a distraction in the classroom, ultimately it is very beneficial in enriching students’ learning experience. One of the most well-known arguments against technology in the classroom is that computers and phones can become distractions. Today, many schools have responded to that problem by filtering the websites students can use on school laptops. In a survey from the American Association of School Librarians, 100% of the 4,299 schools asked, indicated that “content for students is filtered by their school or by the…

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