The Effects Of Internet Addiction On College Students Essay

1952 Words Dec 12th, 2016 8 Pages
Introduction In the past years, the accessibility of the internet has increased (Hawi, Blachnio, & Przepiorka, 2015). Because the internet is becoming more readily available, the number of people who use it is has increased as well (Hawi, Blachnio, & Przepiorka, 2015). The internet can be used to perform many tasks such as class assignments, job-related tasks, leisure activities, and much more (Deatherage, Servaty-Seib, & Aksoz, 2014). Although the internet can be a useful resource, it may pose a problem when individuals use it often. When individuals spend many hours on the internet, they might become susceptible to internet addiction.
One population that researchers are interested in studying internet addiction in is college students. College students have many motives for using the internet some being to complete class assignments, communicate with their family and friends, and for entertainment (Deatherage, Servaty-Seib, & Aksoz, 2014; Chou et al., 2015; Hawi, Blachnio, & Przepiorka, 2015; Al-Gamal, Alzayyat, & Ahmad, 2016). Another reason that college students may use the internet is to cope with their stress. One study done by Deatherage et al. (2014) focused on college seniors and how they used the internet to cope after they had experienced an adverse life event (ALE). The researchers of this study wanted to observe five variables in order to determine if there was an association between them. The five variables studied were the seniors’ different motivations for…

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