The Effects Of Insufficient Funding Of Child Protective Services

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The Effects of Insufficient Funding of Child Protective Services How often is the reality of child protective services (CPS) revealed? Occasionally, a child abuse or neglect case will result in child fatality that draws attention from the press. The media then exploits said child abuse case and the case worker is usually blamed for the child’s outcome, no matter what their efforts were to help the child prior to his or her death. Despite a social worker’s best intentions, they are not always capable of properly caring for children in need. There’s no denying the rising issue of child abuse and domestic violence in the United States, for example, according to the Child Help Organization, “a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds” (“Child Abuse Statistics”). There is no possible way that CPS workers can tend to every one of those 8,640 child abuse cases received per day. The minority of people who believe Child Protective Services is given the appropriate resources to accommodate and save every child they receive a report for are greatly mistaken. Inadequate federal funding to Child Protective Services will continue to result in lower wages, high turnover rates, and substantial caseloads, therefore causing caseworkers to be less attentive to the children under their protection. Insufficient governmental funds to CPS prevent Child Protective Services from adequately paying their employees for their difficult and tedious work. In his article, “Better Support for…

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