The Effects Of Industrialization On Society 's Society Essays

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Within the era of the Industrial Revolution spreading throughout countries around the globe, products were soon being quickly distributed throughout the world’s societies. What the world didn’t realize, however, was the production put into them. Many products were mass produced in the revolution, but the methods and work conditions were not safe or sanitary. In addition to this and owing to the fact of the low pay of the workers, many who could get a job were still tight on money and could not live in luxury. While some may argue that the Industrial Revolution had a primarily positive effect on society because of the job increase and large advancements in technology, it, in actuality, had more of a negative effect. A few examples of these negative effects of industrialization would include child labor, poor working conditions, and poor living conditions and pollution. One example of a negative effect of industrialization would include child labor. An excerpt from a testimony dialogue from the early 1800’s states that “a factory worker named Elizabeth Bentley had work hours beginning at 5 in the morning to 9 at night” (Document 7). This remains to be a clear example of child labor and employment that was supported during the revolution because of the need for workers in textile and other factories. The hours given to children were the same as adult men and women, and required the same amount of effort and efficiency. An everyday shift was the example stated above, a total of…

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