The Effects Of Incest On The Whales Essay

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Not only does SeaWorld separate the mothers from their calves, but they also force incest among the whales. Like our own species, incest is seen as taboo to whales. Hargrove explained that one female whale Katina was mated with her son Taku, creating the calf named Nalani. Katina refused to accept Nalani after her birth. Another instance of this was with a whale named Kohana who bred with her uncle Keto two different times. Kohana rejected both of those offspring (Hargrove). It is clear that incest has an impact on the whales. SeaWorld forces this upon them in order to produce more whales for more entertainment. However, it is immoral to demand that these whales go against their values of incest.
Whales from separate regions are forced to cohabit together. One whale, Corkey was often brutally attacked and raked by his peer Kasatka. One scientist measured vocal patterns and came to the conclusion that the two whales had different dialects from being born within different communities of whales (Hargrove). In the human world, this would be similar to placing a Chinese woman with an Irish man in one room and forcing them to work together. It is inevitable that there would be a loss of translation somewhere and definitely some misunderstanding.
Whales that are being held in captivity are subject to several health issues that would not be apparent in the wild. Captivity is taking a toll on both their mental and physical health. For starters, the whales are being harmed because of…

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