The Effects Of Immigration On The United States Essay

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What is an immigrant? Immigrants are people who come from their country and seek residence in another country. The topic of immigration has been a long debated topic in countries like the U.S. and Canada who receive the majority of all migrants in the world. Recent studies have shown that immigrants are generally younger than natives this has an impact on the age structure of the population and thus it may affect the composition of the labor force. As immigrants are younger many believe that this will actually alleviate some of the need for fiscal adjustment. In order to reach fiscal balance many economists believe that by simply making small changes in the immigration policy it can be reached. Although immigrants do make a change on how a government adjusts its spending levels and tax rates, the migrants make up that difference especially since they are working and filling in jobs that otherwise might not have been filled by natives (Borjas, George J). Some natives are against most immigration because they are under the impression that these migrants will negatively affect their wages but a Heckcher-Ohlin model of international trade showed that the immigrants had either little to no effect in the wages of the natives. However, even though wages were not affected the ability for a native to get a job went down because if the immigrant proves to have a better skill set or just be willing to work for less than they are given the job that otherwise the native would have…

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