The Effects Of Immigration On The Environment Essay

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Immigration is driven by various factors such as the increased population in the world (Bansak, Simpson and Zavodny). Such increase is further complemented by the introduction and growth of the modern technology that enables people to move from one place to another regardless of the distance between at a given time. Energy consumption, on the other hand, has been affected by the increasing demand for energy supply in daily activities such as transportation, cooking, entertainment, learning amongst others (Pfafflin and Ziegler). Immigration, therefore, has played a significant role in the increased energy consumption, which further contributes to a challenge to on the environment.
Increased population and immigration have resulted in significant pressure on the natural resources demanding more energy consumption thus further adverse environmental implications. The implications are however positive and negative, but the adverse effects have developed concerns and the need to have alternative sources of energy. Therefore, the introduction and use of the renewable sources has been encouraged and adopted in various parts of the world. There are renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy according to (Maczulak 8). The non-renewable sources such as coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power cannot be replaced efficiently in relation to the consumption levels of each. On the other hand, the renewable sources such as solar, the wind, hydroelectric and geothermal are naturally…

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