The Effects Of Human Waste On Marine Life Essay

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When tackling a group project as a child, is it more efficient to only have one person complete the project themselves? Even though each person may not have the same skill set, working together as a team will be more helpful to complete the goal. Now take this mindset and apply it to the worldwide research of marine conservation. Seas have no boundaries, unlike countries, so conservation needs to be a worldwide effort to restore, preserve, and limit human damage to marine life efficiently. By doing so, countries can reduce the causes of decreased biodiversity in aquatic life by benefit themselves and the planet.
To best show the horrifying effects of human waste on marine life, endangered green sea turtles are the best example. In the waters of Hawaii, a disease called fibropapillomatosis is affecting these turtles and provokes tumor growth on the turtles’ face, flippers, and internal organs (Nuwer, 2014). In 2014, Duke University found that urban and farm runoff causes these lethal tumors because the herbivorous, green turtles eat plentiful amounts of the nitrogen-rich algae. Humans need to quickly find a way to combat water pollution, so more implication of this cause and effect relationship are not shown. If these green turtles become extinct, what other species will suffer next?
To first understand the purpose of marine conservation, the importance of marine biodiversity in human life needs to be explored. Due to oceans taking up more than 70.8% of Earth’s surface,…

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