Essay on The Effects Of Homelessness On The United Kingdom

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Homelessness is a problem faced by many individuals and families in the United Kingdom, as an increasing number of people are finding it harder to find permanent or appropriate living conditions for themselves and their immediate family.
In this essay I will look at why there is a higher rate of Homeless men than women, look at the effect being in institutions has on Homelessness. I will also look at how government intervention has affected Homelessness statistics and what more could be done.

A study of Homelessness by the Multiple Exclusion Homelessness (MEH) Research Program showed those most at risk of Extreme Homelessness were males aged between 20 and 49 years old, that had experienced abuse or neglect as a child. Crisis estimates that of the single homeless population, 84% are male and only 26% female. Although men are less vulnerable than women when homeless and sleeping rough, they still face abuse, violence, sexual assault and health problems when they become homeless. Due to lack of housing in the UK, lack of funds, services and staff in benefit and care support roles; women and children are considered a high priority for government aid as they are viewed as more vulnerable than men. This means single men often find themselves with no help and sometimes negative impact from the government input, for example, local authorities may evict single men from council housing to make room for women and children without having any responsibility to re-accommodate the…

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