The Effects Of Homelessness On The Society Essay

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A homeless person is one who has no permanent housing, one who can live in abandoned shelters, car, street single room occupancy facilities and or one without a permanent residence. A person is considered homeless if that person is unable to maintain the situation of that house and hence is forced to stay at a friend 's house are stay with other family members (Crane et al., 2005). People who do not have permanent residence such as those hiring houses for the certain duration, someone who loses his real home as a result of the court ruling and somebody who for a long time has not lived independently at home. This research work is going to discuss the effects of homelessness to the society at large as well as to individuals and also the factors that drive people to become homeless.
Causes of Homelessness
Approximately more than three million Americans are homeless every year. More than one million of these populations are children. The truth is that those who are homeless are families with children and have been sent to the streets by life altering events or series of events that were abrupt and unplanned (Fantuzzo & Perlman, 2007). Other causes of homelessness are as a result of traumatic physical or mental occurrences such as mental disorders.
Many life tragic events are the major causes of homelessness such as the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job opportunity that makes one unable to pay house rent…

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