Essay about The Effects Of Hoarding On Families?

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Have you ever loved one diagnosed with hoarding disorder? A mother describes a situation with her son having a small Christmas tree set up in his bedroom, and his sister and brother in law visiting while eating off dinner trays in his room. (BÜScher, 2013). The family formed a sanctuary amongst the clutter, to savor the moment. Hoarding disorder develops into a manifestation of possessions causing conflict amongst the living area. The individual suffering from the hoarding disorder commonly suffers from mild to severe anxiety, depression or loneliness. Furthermore, to discover the effects of hoarding on families, researching the effects on children growing into adolescence, and as an adult creates an understanding of the growth of the disorder to fully grasp the harmful effects hoarding has on the family involved with the diagnosed individual. To illustrate, this paper will provide evidence to answer the question: What are the effects of hoarding on families?
Annotated Bibliography
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Around two to five percent of today’s population is projected to experience hoarding disorder symptoms. According to the DSM 5 (2013), hoarding disorder is defined as having difficulties discarding or separating themselves from possessions, regardless of actual value. The behavior typically has negative effects leading to emotional, physical or financial distress for…

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