Essay on The Effects Of High Stakes Testing On Students

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Truthfully, the effects of high-stakes testing may be evident in the morale of teachers and schools, but the evidence of this testing is most evident in the students the testing was designed to help? Has Texas seen an increase in student achievement in all areas, not just state mandated testing? In 2002, President George Bush, speaking in Hamilton High School, Hamilton, Ohio, made the following statement in regards to NCLB legislation passed months earlier. “We 've got large challenges here in America. There 's no greater challenge than to make sure that every child - and all of us on this stage mean every child, not just a few children -every single child, regardless of where they live, how they 're raised, the income level of their family, every child receive a first-class education in America” (President Signs Landmark No Child Left Behind Education Bill , 2002). Further investigating, how have the children in Texas been affected by the culture of testing? In a culture driven by test scores, high school students have seen the emphasis of their schools divert from a culture of college readiness to a culture driven to make sure students are prepared to pass the next end of course (EOC) exam. Additionally, counselors, once available in secondary positions to prepare the students for acceptance to colleges and workforces, have been called upon to be the facilitators for testing. As students have spent more class time preparing for assessment and evaluation in testing…

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