The Effects Of High School Start Times Essay

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High school start times must be changed if we want our students to perform better
Teenagers today face a chronic health problem: Sleep deprivation. It’s not surprising that teenagers are sleep deprived, you may think. Young people seem busier than ever with everything they have going on. Hectic schedules, after school activities, jobs, homework and family obligations keeps our youth very busy each day. So busy that they don’t get the appropriate rest they need. Staying up late doing homework and getting up early for those demanding early school days. Sleep deprivation can cause serious health challenges for adolescents, like obesity, mental health problems, problem solving, social behavior and the ability to cope with stress. It can lead to lower academic performance and lower overall performance.
Studies at the National Sleep Foundation have shown that sleep depravation is a serious issue that can cause a lot of problems for our teens. Teenagers need on average 9 hours a sleep, most of them get between 6 or 7, which leaves them tired by time the alarm clock goes off. Research has shown that the typical time for teens to fall asleep is around 11 pm or later. Biological changes in their internal clocks put most teenagers on a later sleep-wake clock resulting in that they feel wide awake when its time for bed, even when they feel exhausted (Wolfson and Carskadon, 1998).
Mary A. Carskadon PhD, a psychology professor at Brown University states that academics would improve with a…

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