Heroin In Society

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In today world, individuals can be dependent on numerous things, for example, alcohol, music, gaming and medications. Heroin standout amongst the most commonly used drug that individuals have been addicted to nowadays. It has turned into a major issue in today society. Drug addiction is a disease which has ruined many lives and caused many deaths nationwide. In fact, in 2011, more than “4 million Americans aged 12 or older had used heroin at least once in their lives” (“DrugFacts”). In America, utilization of heroin is increasing immensely among the society. Addiction to drugs such as heroin has negatively affected our society and it must be taught to avoid its continuation.
Heroin is known as “H” and originates from a “substance extracted
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individuals think drug addiction is not their concern and their family members will not experience in their life. Actually, nobody is raising their voice to battle and to prevent this drug addiction from spreading in the society Individuals began doing drugs for the sake of entertainment and due to distress and not know the results what it would do to them. On the documentary video about “real life drug story videos – drug addiction experiences”, many drug addicts said, that they started doing drugs because they did not had information about the effects of heroin. They also said if they had learned about the outcome of heroin and its reality, they would not have touched it. Teenager and youths must be taught about the drug addiction and its consequence. In school, teenager and youth are taught about health like how to have safe sex and how to stay healthy. However, information about drug addiction are never shared or mention. A school needs to began offering separate classes about a drug prevention and make it a requirement just like health class. Documentary Video on “real life drug story videos – drug addiction experiences” suggest that educating people about drug addiction will decrease the utilization of heroin and other drugs because it will help them to make better decisions. It might not prevent everyone from using drugs, but the utilization of drugs will

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