The Effects Of Hazardous Sex On Adolescent Sexual Risk Essay examples

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In this study it indicates how little things in life could bring about an impact of hazardous practices throughout your life in case you 're not cautious. As a child develops to being a youthful grown-up, their parents begin to play a vital part in their lives. In the article The Role of Parents in Early Adolescent Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors show variables included were mother and father approval of premarital sex, guardian adolescent communication about sexuality, and parental social support (Bersamin et al. 2008). While scanning through articles I also discovered how distinctive religions could predict hazardous sex conduct. This study is mostly the greater part of the impacts of hazardous sex practices originate from homosexual men. This paper will inspect the role of parenting, religious comprehensions, and how homosexual men have an impact of HIV-risk that prompt hazardous sex.
In the article The Role of Parents in Early Adolescent Sexual Risk-Taking Behavior explains how parents play a major role in a child sexual behavior and attitude. In Dittus and Jaccard (2000) study there were 10,000 students that ranged from seventh to eleventh grade who completed two interviews in their home at a one year internal. Dittus and (2000) found that there were mostly African American and Mexican students who were most satisfied with the relationship with their mother, and who accepted their mothers’ attitudes as disapproving of premarital sex were less to initiate sexual activity or…

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