The Effects Of Handheld Devices On Society 's Collective Memory

1378 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Handheld devices are a part of society, while some enjoy this convenience there are others who are concerned with this ever-increasing reliance on a device other than our minds. Many are ignoring the signs of the diminishing value of individual knowledge and embracing the idea of using machines to do what people have become too lazy to do themselves. As stated by Jamais Cascio “…while society’s collective memory is expanding at an astonishing rate, our internal, individual ones are shrinking.” (Cascio 2). This is where this reliance becomes a problem; people are sacrificing their own knowledge to that of a computer. People are less trusting of their own institution and knowledge since they have the ultimate source at their fingertips, like an extension of their own mind. As beneficial as it seems to have an extra memory source people’s basic skills are becoming extremely limited as we let our devices take the responsibility that our minds should. Sometime however, it does not seem like there is an alternative to this technology. Since many sectors of society are utilizing these advances from schools to the work force and the option to not own a device is dwindling. The encouragement to use cell phones is overlapping other aspects of daily life. When people begin to employ their cell phones in their daily route soon they become a necessity for not only work but other nearly all other basic tasks. This problem can be seen in everyday life, people rarely read or use maps…

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