The Effects of Globalisation on Australia Essay

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“The Effects of Globalisation on Australia”

Economic, Social, Cultural, Environmental and Political

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Executive Summary

The effects of Globalisation on Australia can be disseminated into a number of different categories. For the purposes of this report five major categories including Economic, Social, Cultural, Environmental and Political have been explored and summarised but is by no means exhaustive. The overall effects and impact of globalisation on Australia may well be positive to the general population, but there will always be
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Globalisation has impacted on Australia’s trade where manufacturing and service industries have had considerable growth compared to limited growth in the rural sector. Australia was a country that rode on the “sheep’s back” but with the rising costs of labour and fuel the industry is finding it increasingly difficult to remain competitive.


The social impacts of globalisation in its accelerated form are vast. It is now possible to write to loved ones over seas in real time with instantaneous communication. There is very little use for airmail stickers to send hand written mail overseas. In the past decade there has been a trend of embracing technology in Australia, as half of the adult population in Australia had access to the internet in 2000.[vii] With the ease of communication it is now possible to work away from the office. This can be positive as people don’t have to go to the office each day, but also a negative where some people effectively never leave work. This can have impacts on the time spent with children and families, especially with the increase in international travel through globalisation. Opponents of globalisation argue that higher incomes have been rising faster than lower incomes[viii] causing inequality between the rich and the poor. What has in fact happened is that the wealthy

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