Essay The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth

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The reason why the Earth is at danger is because of the greenhouse effect which then leads to global warming. This is the process by which the atmosphere traps some of the Sun 's energy, warming the Earth enough to support life. Greenhouse gases are increasing the effect of global warming. These gases include carbon dioxide made by fossil fuel burning and deforestation. Over the past 200 years the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased, this was caused by burning large areas of forests to clear land, which means that there is less photosynthesis removing carbon dioxide from the air. The greenhouse effect is caused by burning fossil fuels which contains carbon dioxide. Global warming has then lead on to causing more problems on the Earth and its atmosphere. It has created disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Another cause of global warming is because of deforestation, this is the process of cutting down trees to make room for businesses, farms or even houses.
Earthquakes are caused by two or more pieces of the land moving towards or away from each other and or rubbing together, the reason why this happens is because too much pressure builds up causing the land to break or split and move, most earthquakes happen under water as the water pressure builds up in the land as the air and pressure has nowhere to escape, this usually will then lead to or cause a tsunami. Earthquakes produce shockwaves that can cause damage to homes, businesses, land form…

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